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Packing and moving

On your agreed moving day a qualified Surveyor will arrive at your home fully appraised of the agreed moving plan. He’ll talk you through the plans for the day, and his skilled team will efficiently and expertly pack up all your belongings in the right order, ready for a safe move. Our teams have all the necessary gear to move even the heaviest, largest or most awkward items of furniture, so you can have total peace of mind that your precious things will make it securely and safely to your new home.


Every home removal is different, so the first step is to contact one of our home-moving experts to talk through the best way forward for you. We will listen to you and put together a custom-made removals plan that suits your needs, your budget and your timetable. We will cover all the bases. We will also be able to supply you with packing boxes and materials, in case you want to do your own packing.


Unpacking and aftercare

Once at your new home the Master Removers will carefully unpack each box and item of furniture and make sure it’s placed in the right room. You can stay in control of the process and the team will make sure you’re completely happy with where everything is, before we gather up all their packing materials and take them off for recycling. The Master Removers can find electricians and handymen for you and wil lmake sure your essential white goods such as fridge and washing machine are plugged in and working.



Our network offers major cost efficiencies – meaning you can store your possessions with us at much lower rates than the typical self-storage facilities. We can store more or less anything for you – outsized and oddly-shaped items, artworks, antiques, climate-sensitive technological equipment, pot plants (which we will water for you)… you name it! . We’ll pack your things in specifically-designed safe packaging and keep them in our secure facility, Our storage sites are well-managed with tried-and-tested inventory systems. 


We have moved every size and type of enterprise imaginable, from small local businesses to national corporations. We’ve seen it all, so no commercial relocation job is too challenging. We’ll move your equipment, your technology and your employees from A to B swiftly, safely, and with the minimum disruption to your work. Downsizing and temporary moves  including those where you need to put some of your equipment into storage. Moving from a single location to multiple locations, or integrating several smaller locations into a larger space. 

Commercial relocation